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Happy Father's Day

Happiest of Father's Days to You!

For you, a normal father's card isn't good enough. I wanted to invite the whole world (or at least the World Wide Web) to share your special day, and so I created this web site for you. Wish I could make you as proud of me, as I am proud to have you for my father. I love you, Daddy and I miss you. January 29, 2004.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad
Slayer of Dragons in the Form of:

* spiders
* roaches
* uninvited guests
* algebraic equations
* theorems
* broken toys
* uncooperative toilets, children, cars
* screen doors
* stolen/misplaced keys
* sick hamsters
* chores

What Makes You Special...

Unfailing Supporter of:

* wife, children, in-laws, friends, pets, and Church
* Radio Shack
* Green Thumb
*Aviation Weekly


More Memories...

* comforting nighttime snores
* early alarm clock buzzes
* pre-dawn non complaining trips to work
* quarters on your dresser
* installing the air conditioner
* trips to find capacitors and caterpillars
* blue cover hiding your gizmos in the old garage
* black and white TV
* flashlights
* jingling keys
* black shoes, belt
* ironed shirts
* folded “shorts”
* walking around in boxers after work
* trips to IHOP after church
* Snoopy
* Apollo/Jupiter missions
* peanut brittle, onion rings, fiddle faddle, liver and onions, glazed ham.
* MAD magazine
* Electronic Magazine in bathroom
* Old Spice
* soap on a rope
* razor stubble
* busy footsteps
* mysterious fingernail clippings in desk drawer
* fascinating laser burns on shelf
* pocket protectors
* ivory slide rule
* Ice Station Zebra
* Leaving during Island of Dr. Morro
* The Avengers
* The Honeymooners
* Graduated pew marker at Church
* Days of Peter, Muffin and Barney
* doolie
* “jeezy-flip”
* quick trips to Hughes, Alpha Beta
* putting up with too many female hormones and rude teenagers
* financial help
* holding my sons for the first time
* Strength
* quiet Courage
* unfailing Love

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