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This here's a site for whatever in history just so happens to catch my eye. For now, it's Civil War slang and vocabulary. Some cute (some dangerous) words and phrases used during the middle 1800's, many of which are in use today. Ever wondered what "chicken guts" means? You've come to the right place! Set your feet up and commence to learning.

Why "BooneBunny?" Daniel Boone's legend represents the saga of the American Frontier and embodies the very essence of a pioneer and explorer. You can have your Lewis and Clark, this gal prefers Daniel Boone. [Plus, it sounds kinda cute]. Read my quirky Boone background in a nutshell.

This information was graciously donated by Maj.
Glossary of Civil War Slang and Terms
Confederate Terms
"Smoked Yanks" Union soldiers cooking over a fire.
"Chicken Guts" Officer's gold braiding on his cuff.
"Gallinippers" Insects, mosquitoes.
"Bombproofs" Term for provost guards and commissaries due to softer life.
"Fighting under the black flag" Soldiers killing lice.
"Giving the vermin a parole" Throwing away clothing infected with lice.
"Bull Pit" Under-arrest confinement area.
"Iron Clad Possum" An armadillo dinner.
"Bragg's Body Guard" Body Lice.
"Sunday or Parlor Soldiers" Insult for soldiers of little merit.
"Jeff Davis' Pets" Rebel western troops' term for A.N.V.
"Company Q" Term for the Sick List.
"Hospital Rats" Person who fakes an illness.
"Worth a Goober" Something that amounts to a lot.
"Goobers" Peanuts.
"Buttermilk Cavalry" Term infantry had for cavalry.
"Web Feet" Term cavalry had for infantry.
"Fairy Fleet" Boats carrying trade between sides at Fredricksburg
Abbreviation "I.W." In For the War.
"Quartermaster Hunter" Shot or shell that passed overhead and far into rear.
"Mule" Meat.
"Top Rail" First class.
"Greenhorn", "Bugger", "Skunk" Officer.
"Skeddadle" Better run!
"Jawings" Talking.
"Ginned Cotton" Flower bread.
"Night blindness" "Gravel" Condition caused by lack of green veggies.
"Horse sense" Smart, or on the ball.
"Fit to be tied" Angry.
"Here's you mule" Nonsense expression like: Kilroy was here.
"Who wouldn't be a soldier?" "Who cares?"
"Bluff" Cheater.
"Jailbird" A criminal.
"Scarse as hen's teeth" Something rare or scarse.
"Fit as a fiddle" Healthy, feeling good.
"Sparking" Kissing.
"Opening of the ball" Units waiting to move into battle.
"Goober Grabbers" Good natured term for Georgia troops.
"Sand Happers" Good natured term for South Carolina troops.
"Yellow Hammers" Good natured term for Alabama troops.

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Last Updated February 15, 1999

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