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  • Daniel Boone wore a black felt hat, and not a coonskin cap. Perhaps some artists confused him with Davy Crockett who met his Maker at the Alamo March 6, 1836 .

  • After her kidnapping, one story reports daughter Jemima vowed never to disobey or travel far from her father. True to her word, she cared for Daniel Boone until he died in 1820. However, Daniel actually died at his son's Nathan's home while there on a short visit reports Barbara Gill, Director of The Boone Society. "It's said Daniel became sick after eating a large meal which was mostly his favorite.....sweet potatoes." Barbara Gill is also Daniel's gggggg granddaughter!

  • Missouri grave of Boone.

  • Local legend has it Daniel Boone's bones lie in two graves. According to Boone's wish, he was buried on his son's farm next to his deceased wife Rebecca, near Defiance, MO. 25 years later, much to the objection of Boone relatives and townsfolk, delegates from Frankfort, KY disinterred them for reburial in a more "hifalutin'" marked grave. But here's the twist: when it came time to bury Dan'l, diggers found the reserved grave next to his wife, already filled. Another body was buried there. So the diggers then buried Boone at the foot of Rebecca's plot. Not knowing this in 1845, the KY delegates dug up the grave next to Mrs. Boone. They carted away the wrong body. Secretly, it seems MO folks knew, but held their tongue. Read more about it on Roadside America, and this historical site.

  • A tree bearing Daniel Boone's signature still stands at the entrance of a cave where he wintered in 1769-70, in Mercer County, KY.

  • Wife Rebecca Boone was a noteable linen maker, leather tanner and weaver, as well as a good shot! However, she was illiterate. Finding information about her is difficult because she left no written records and led such an isolated life.

  • I hope most folks know Daniel didn't propose to Rebecca until after he "tested her temper." He cut a big hole in her apron. When she didn't get mad, Daniel knew this was the gal for him. They went on to have 10 children. Do you think she got mad when he went on all those trips?

  • The Lousiana Purchase (1803) was beneficial to the United States, but brought a disillusioned Boone more heartache. After paving the way for settlements in KY, his land grants were unrecognized due to invalid land titles. This means all his hard work settling, defending, even sacrificing his children's lives was for naught. Stinks, huh? The U.S. Govt. told Boone, "The land's not yours." So he moved on to MO in 1799. During Boone's time, MO was under authority of Spain. Here Boone worked for the Spanish Govt., and was rewarded with land titles. A good thing. But the Lousiana Purchase made Boone's land back under U.S. territorial rights. Bad for Boone. Now Dan'l had to refile his claims. Thankfully, in 1814 Congress recognized his claim. That means this time he got to keep his land. But not for long. He died 6 years later. I believe he walked all the way to Washington D.C. to settle this problem. Email me if I'm wrong on this one.

  • Some main highways still follow the original path route of the Wilderness Road or Boone's trace. The path followed buffalo and Native American trails from western Virginia, eastern Tennessee, north through the Cumberland Gap and ending in Kentucky. In 1769 Boone explored the entire path, which had only been partly covered by Thomas Walker in 1750. In 1775, working for the Transylvania Company, Boone with a crew of 30 axemen, marked the route for a new KY colony. This was the main migration route for 200,000 settlers. This famous picture is from the Washington University Art Gallery.

  • "Tick Licker" was the name of Boone's trusty rifle. It was a gift from his gunsmith older brother Squire Jr. Legend reveals Boone boasted of his markmanship by bragging he could shoot a tick off an animal without hurting the beast, hence the name "Tick Licker."

  • "Big Turtle" was Boone's adopted Shawnee name, given to him by Chief Blackfish.

  • One of young Daniel Boone's friends was Abraham Lincoln. Not the future president of the United States, but his grandfather!

  • Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boon. This is a biography written during his lifetime. Note the missing "e."

  • Read about Boone Ancestors and Descendants.

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