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    The legend of Daniel Boone lives on with BooneBunny's look at American History. I'd like to think Danny Boy himself would've taken a liking to this space, if he could only stick around long enough for it to load.

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Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania, but is best known for leading settlers along the Wilderness Trail to Kentucky in 1773 and 1775. Town was given the catchy name: Boonesborough. Is there a BoonesTown or BooneSchool near you? Most likely. He was the 6th child out of eleven children. It's unlikely anyone's made a web page about his siblings.


Even though Boone's two sons and a brother were killed by Native Americans, Boone tried to be fair in his dealings. However, he died an impoverished and disillusioned man near St. Louis, MO on September 26, 1820. Wow, that stinks.


Boone liked hunting and exploring, and making babies, since he had 10. He also was a difficult man to keep around the log cabin. The frontier beckoned to him more than his wife Becky. How many moccasins do you think he wore out a month?