In my quest to be the source for Civil War Slang on the Web, I present you with page 3 of Civil War Glossary and Slang, gained from reading numerous periodicals. So "bite the bullet," and read on!

This information was relentlessly compiled by yours truly.
Glossary of Civil War Slang and Terms
Yankee and noted Reb terms.
"All in Three years" Usually said when something went wrong.
"Anything to preserve the Union" Yankee determination to win the war.
"Beehive" Knapsack.
"Blue Mass" Refers to men on sick call; named after blue pill.
"Bombproof" A shelter from artillery attack; those not exposed to danger.
"Bummer" A loafer, or forager; person safe in the rear.
"Bummer's Cap" Regulation fatigue or forage cap.
"Camp canard" False report believed by many in camp.
"carte de visite" Photograph on a small card.
"Cashier" Usually dishonorably dismissal from army.
"Copperhead" A northerner with southern sympathies; against Lincoln's war policy.
"Cracker Line" Line for transportation of food supplies.
"Creeper" Soldier's frying pan used early in the war.
"Devil Fish" Term for fish-shaped Confederate torpedo.
"The Dictator" Seacoast mortar used relentlessly in Petersburg seige.
"Sound on the goose" Refers to Slavery. Southern.
"Mudsill" Unkind Southern term for a Yankee. A lowlife.
"Little Coot" Confederate slang for a yankee.
"Hayfoot, Strawfoot" Command used to teach raw recruits difference between left and right (respectively).
"French leave" AWOL.
"To be mustered out" To be killed in action.
"Hop, step, jump" Early 2-wheeled ambulance.
"Horizontal refreshment" (blush) Making whoopie.
"Fast trick" (another blush)Woman of low morals;loose woman.
"Pie eater" Man from rural area.
"Paleface" New recruit, fresh fish.
"Somebody's Darling" Said of a dead body.
"Secesh" Northern term for seceders.
"Robber's Row" Sutler's area.

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